Catching up on Work in Between Investor Meetings – London Style

As part of an investor relations program, the London day trip has become ever popular for many of our life science clients, whether for a full day of investor meetings or a single meeting with a prospective VC. With conference and roadshow season back in full swing, here are some new insights for a better working environment if you are stuck between meetings.

First flight in and last flight out is the popular work-around to beating exorbitant London hotel prices. But what do you do when meetings finish early or are rescheduled and heading back to the airport is not an option? This kind of “free time” is coveted by busy biotech executives to catch up on emails and calls. The local Starbucks won’t do at all and actually what is needed is a quiet(er) workspace where taking out your laptop and cell phone are not frowned upon as is the case in London’s most venerable private member’s clubs. However, hope is not lost, London offers a growing variety of options. Here, for those who find themselves stuck in central London or the City with a few precious hours, are a few of the newest possibilities:

Hotel and Members Club
The Ned, in the former headquarters of Midland Bank, is the new place for “Nedworking” – part hotel, part private members club with 252 rooms and suites. As part of the popular Soho House brand, membership may be the transcontinental obvious option for some who are familiar with this casual and artistic vibe – but clearly the cheaper one is sitting and grabbing something to nibble on in one of the five art deco open plan restaurants.

Bookable Workspace
If more privacy is key, then Breather offers “peace and quiet, on demand.” Various size meeting and conference rooms, strewn across Mayfair and the City, are accessed via pre-coded door locks. Find and reserve Breather spaces by using the mobile app; available in nine cities in the US and in London since last year.

Being in the “know” where to go
If just knowing at any given time and place where to go to be able to get some work done, is the most important, then Workfrom offers “digital nomads” an easy way to find spaces to get work done and stay connected with others.

Kensington Pavilion

Our Offices

Lastly, there is always our office(s). We have a range of facilities, including pod and conference rooms that can be booked by the hour or just a lounge area to check emails before heading back to to the airport. Halsin Partners is in the Kensington Pavilion at 96 Kensington High Street W8 or check with us for the new City Pavilion located in 27 Bush Lane EC4.


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