Analyst and investor days offer a channel for companies to control corporate messages alongside the opportunity to showcase management depth and lay out the strategic direction for the next 12 to 36 months. Unlike press releases, investor conference presentations or conference calls, provide a platform for interaction with the Street that really allows for a deep dive into aspects of a business that can not be covered in the more regular mediums.


For QIAGEN’s first analyst and investor day, Halsin played an important role in its organization, which has subsquently laid the cornerstones for all future IR events in the US. At the time, and for all subsequent events of this type, the mandate has been to increase the visibility of QIAGEN as a leader in sample and assay technologies to a financial audience in the US.

Strategy & Implementation

Halsin recommended hosting QIAGEN’s first investor and analyst event in New York to coincide with the anniversary of the company’s NASDAQ listing. Our aim was to build an event through which the company was able to engage with investors and analysts, as well as select media, using well rounded, informational sessions with various levels of management and guest speakers. A televised “ringing of the opening bell” at Nasdaq was followed by an investor and analyst lunch, with a guest panel of speakers, including representatives from the Red Cross and the Department of Defense. A press release and webcast of the event provided the means to reach the broadest audience possible, including employees at remote company sites globally.


  • Media coverage on Bloomberg, CNBC and n-TV, print coverage in key German financial press, including Handelsblatt, FT Deutschland
  • Lunch attendance exceeded room capacity with 60+ analyst and investors
  • Subsequent analyst/investor events which Halsin organized have yielded successive increased attendance rates