Enhancing KOL Engagement

Incorporating Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) engagement into biotech public relations and marketing plans Leaders has always been an important part of external validation. They carry the authority to share experiences and insight, or what scientific data are most or least important. Working with these carefully selected individuals is not only a great way to reach your current target audience, but a great opportunity to connect with peer audiences that perhaps are not as easily accessible.

With the growing importance of video in communications, there is an expanded role that KOLs can play in sharing their expertise. In-studio/on set video testimonials have traditionally been the chosen platform. However,
with the advent of more portable video equipment there has been a surge in live event filming and reporting, particularly onsite at scientific and industry conferences. These video segments allow KOLs to engage with the much larger audience not present at the conference, often discussing data being presented while at the same time capturing the atmosphere and excitement of the event. From a communications perspective, being onsite allows us to work with multiple KOLs on the same day and not take up too much time from their busy schedules.

Working with video company Streaming Well, we have produced a series of KOL interviews filmed during the recent European Society of Sports Traumatology Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA) conference.